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Back-to-School Oral Health Hacks


There’s probably no more exciting - and stressful - time in a child’s life than back-to-school season. But along with all the mixed emotions and new routines, sometimes important things like our teeth can take a backseat. Don’t let the excitement and chaos of the new school year hurt your kids’ oral health this fall. Try these back-to-school oral care hacks to keep their oral health right on track.

Update Your Forms

Have you recently moved or switched schools, dentists, phone numbers or insurance? Don’t forget to update your emergency contact forms with the school or with Dr. Simpson’s office. This will allow us (or the school) to seamlessly treat your child or contact you in the case of a dental emergency. Be sure to also update the school and our office about any custody arrangements, emergency contacts and new medications.

Pack Water

It would be great if your child brushed his or her teeth after each meal at school, but we know that’s not always practical – or likely. Compromise by reminding them often to rinse with water after eating, or at least drink a cup or two of water after each meal. Make this easier to remember by packing a reusable water bottle each day, and maybe a sticky note with a loving reminder.

Snack Smart

One way to ensure your child eats healthy snacks is to pack them healthy snacks. While most schools do their best to serve healthier fare, when you give your student spending money the choice is theirs – and it may not be the same one you’d make for them. Find out what healthy snacks your kids want to eat, and stock up on those so they never find themselves reaching for junk food instead. Keep a supply on hand for after school, too.

Update Your Supplies

Shopping for back-to-school supplies? Why not grab a new toothbrush while you’re at it? You should replace your child’s brush every two to three months or whenever the bristles start to bend. A colorful new brush is a great way to reinvigorate their brushing routine. Speaking of which ...

Stick to the Plan

Your oral health routine isn’t called a routine for nothing. Unfortunately, summer break tends to throw most routines out of whack, but with a new school year comes a new routine, and that routine should include oral care. Make sure you set your child’s alarm so he or she will have enough time to brush and floss before school each day, and don’t allow your child to stay up so late that they are too tired to brush and floss before bed.

Keep Your Guard Up

If your student plays sports, remember to take a peek at their mouth guard before sending them back to school. Teeth may have shifted positions, adult teeth may have emerged, or the mouth guard itself may be dirty or damaged. Allow yourself enough time to replace mouth guards before crunch time, because if it doesn’t fit properly your child is less likely to wear it.

Check Up on Checkups

Finally, give Dr. Simpson’s office a call and make sure your family’s dental exams are on the books for the remainder of the year. This will eliminate any stress from finding a good time to come in later, and ensure you get a date and time that works with your family’s schedule.

For any questions or concerns, or to schedule an exam for yourself or anyone in your family, give Dr. Simpson’s office a call at (910) 550-3959.

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