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Why Choose Invisalign?

 Is your smile a little less perfect than you’d like it to be? Do you have minor crowding or rotations that you’d like to correct without having to commit to traditional wire brackets? You may be an excellent candidate for the tooth straightening system known as Invisalign.

Invisalign works by creating a series of custom-molded, transparent plastic trays that you wear over your teeth to slowly adjust the positioning of your teeth over time. Most treatments last between 3-12 months, depending on how many trays you need to achieve your desired results.

Already popular with adults who want to look professional and mature but still achieve perfect alignment, Invisalign is gaining in popularity amongst teenagers, too. Some of the myriad benefits of Invisalign include the ability to remove the trays while you eat, the ability to properly brush and floss your teeth and avoid cavities and demineralization spots and the virtually undetectable appearance of the translucent trays. While not everyone is a candidate for upper and lower Invisalign trays, often patients who cannot achieve enough movement with top and bottom Invisalign trays can still get a combination of Invisalign trays on the top teeth and brackets on the lower. This makes for a more natural look on the most visible teeth, while still achieving your smile goals on the bottom teeth.

Another benefit to choosing Invisalign braces over traditional brackets is that believe it or not, Invisalign is often gentler on custom dental work than brackets are.  While some may think that the pressure of the Invisalign trays may cause porcelain or resin restoration to crack, because they are custom made for your mouth and adjustments are made slowly, there is very little risk of damage to existing restorations. There is, however, a risk of damaging restorations with traditional brackets, especially during the removal process. This is because the crown or veneer is only bonded to the tooth and not a permanent part of the bone, meaning it can crack or come off when removing the brackets from the surface of the tooth. With Invisalign, that risk is eliminated, because the trays fit over the teeth and do not adhere to them. This means there is nothing to pull at your dental work, and no chance for restorations to break off during or after the alignment is complete.

Many patients who have Invisalign braces also say they are more comfortable than wire brackets because no sharp edges or wires are cutting into your cheeks and gums.

Invisalign braces save time, too. Traditional braces can sometimes take as long as five years to straighten your bite! With Invisalign, patients usually only need to wear trays for about a year, but often treatment can be completed in just a few months!

Best of all, for those patients who can’t wait to see progress, because Invisalign braces are so easy to remove, you can watch the changes to your smile as they happen, monitoring the progress of your adjustments in real time. Unhappy with the way things are shifting? With Invisalign, you can speak to your dentist about making changes to future trays to adjust the bite before the treatment is complete. Also, because Invisalign takes less time to complete, it requires fewer visits to the dentist or orthodontist, and Invisalign costs less than traditional bracket braces, too!

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