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Short-Term Tricks for a Long-Term Fix: The Advantages of Short Term Realigning Orthodontics

Growing up, your parents might have told you your crooked grin gave you character, but, years later, you still aren't convinced. In fact, you may even be self-conscious and a bit uncomfortable flashing that smile of yours. But while you aren't 100% comfortable with your smile, you also aren't ready to spend several years in braces either. Dr. Simpson frequently hears this concern from her patients. Fortunately, modern dentistry and orthodontics have developed alternate solutions to this pesky problem.

Traditional orthodontic appliances like braces are the right fit for some patients, but for others who may only have minor issues such as spacing and crowding, the time and financial commitments just don't make sense. Frequent adjustments for braces, tedious cleanings after eating and the general discomfort are some of inconveniences that cause patients to shy away from this course of treatment. With the modern advances in dentistry and orthodontics, short-term realigning orthodontic equipment, like Realine and Invisalign, are now viable options for patients whose smiles need a quick(er) fix. Here are a few advantages:

  • Utilizes custom trays that fit over the patient's teeth to straighten teeth, close gaps and space out teeth.
  • Less invasive orthodontic solution that gradually and gently shifts teeth over short time period.
  • Trays are removable.

The duration of the treatment varies from patient to patient and depends on the complexity of the issue, but the overall time commitment is significantly less in comparison to other orthodontic options. Contact our office today at 910-791-7911 to discuss our available treatment options.

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