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Five Unexpected Health Benefits of Getting Braces


When you think about why people get braces, you probably think of the obvious benefit: straighter teeth. But what you may not realize is that wearing braces and undergoing orthodontic treatment has genuine benefits to overall health. So, the next time your teen complains about his or her orthodontics, share these valid reasons why a temporary metal-mouth is so worth the wait.

It Helps with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder

Sure, you or your teen may not have TMJ disorder as of yet, but realigning the bite could keep it that way. One common treatment for TMJ disorder is neuromuscular orthodontics, the process of realigning the bite so that the temporomandibular joint is no longer in pain. If it's not yet in pain, aligning the teeth to a proper position can help stop TMJ disorder from ever happening.

It Can Stop Bruxism

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can be a tricky problem to stop, because many people do it without even realizing it. You could be stuck in gridlock traffic, on a stressful work deadline or even asleep - in fact, you could even be totally relaxed or engrossed in a book and be grinding your teeth without realizing it. And while it may seem as though there are other, more dangerous ways to handle stress, grinding your teeth can be the catalyst for a host of other big problems, like TMJ disorder, as well as chipped, cracked or broken teeth!

It Can Save Your Breath

How can braces – the little wires and brackets notorious for trapping food - cause fresher breath? Well, it may be harder to care for your oral health with braces on, but braces are temporary. With proper care, the results are permanent, which means the spacing of your teeth will allow for easier cleaning, and thus fresher breath.

It Can Prevent Lung and Cardiovascular Diseases

A recent study showed that having crooked or overlapping teeth can make it difficult to floss teeth. This causes inflammation, which causes periodontal disease, which puts you at risk for everything from cancer to heart disease to diabetes and stroke.

It Improves Your Self-Esteem

Having a beautiful smile can boost your mood. It’s true! According to a study at the University of Cardiff in Wales, even faking a smile can boost your mood. But you can’t reap the benefits of a beautiful smile if you’re actively trying not to smile because you’re ashamed of your teeth.

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