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Reading Teeth: What Morphopsychology Says About Your Personality

We recently read a fascinating article about the art of "morphopsychology," which is essentially reading the shape of one’s teeth to determine their personality type- but is there any merit to it?

In morphopsychology, there are supposedly four shapes of teeth, each shape possessing its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Individuals possessing that tooth shape are said to personify the traits associated with their tooth shape. The shapes are as follows:


Square- according to morphopsychology, people with square teeth are said to be diplomatic, peaceful, discreet, calm, ambitious, and possessing a strong entrepreneurial spirit. They like order, and much like the actual shape, are very solid and levelheaded.

Triangular- if an individual has triangular shaped teeth, morphopsychology believes them to be free spirited and dynamic. They are known to be carefree, enthusiastic, impulsive and extroverted.

Rectangular – in morphopsychology, people with rectangular teeth are believed to be very determined, rational and practical, but also intense, passionate and possessing an explosive temper and vivid imagination.

Oval – people with oval teeth are said to be artistic and appreciate all forms of art. They are also considered to be shy, reserved, introverted, organized, and perfectionists.


Beyond your tooth shape, morphopsychology also has ways to evaluate your personality based upon some of the unique characteristics of your smile.

  • If your teeth are gapped, you are said to be lustful and possess a good sense of humor
  • Morphopsychology says people with large front teeth are stubborn and rigid
  • If you have evenly shaped teeth, you are said to be a good decision maker and poised
  • People with small front teeth are believed to be kind and compassionate
  • People with an overbite or "bucked teeth" are believed to be timid and shy.


So how much merit is there to morphopsychology? While there’s certainly no science behind it, studies have shown that people perceive certain shapes, certain ways. For example, people with rounder teeth may appear softer, while people with square teeth may seem more practical and sturdy. As for people with characteristics like bucked teeth, these individuals may have historically been more shy because they were teased for their overbite- making it seem like the shyness and the overbite are somehow related.

So what do you think? Does your personality match up with the morphopsychology prediction for your tooth shape? Leave us a comment and let us know! As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your teeth, or need to set up an appointment, give Dr. Simpson a call at 920-791-7911

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