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Green That Oral Health Routine!

We all know how precious our planet is – after all, it's our home and it’s the only one we’ve got. That’s why many people have begun to make a push for a greener, cleaner Earth. There are many things we can do in our daily life to make sure we are taking good care of our planet and ensure it's a safe and beautiful place not only for us to enjoy, but also for future generations as well.

Easy things you can do at home to keep the planet healthy include recycling, carpooling and buying green products with environmentally safe ingredients. But if you want to go even further and take steps to keep your health "green" as well as the planet, try these tips for an environmentally friendly approach to oral health!

Limit Water

We all need eight glasses of water a day, but what we don’t need is to run the faucet while we’re brushing. This is not just wasteful and bad for the planet, but it's probably hiking up your water bill, too. Encourage your family to keep the water off until it’s needed - and then shut it off immediately when they’re done.

Buy Greener Toothpaste

There are many different types of toothpaste available over the counter, and some of them are even eco-friendly. Certain brands touted as all natural may even come in recycled or recyclable packaging. Read the labels to find out if yours does. If you want to make the switch to a greener product, remember to check the ingredients list and make sure the toothpaste has everything you need - especially fluoride. Then recycle whatever packaging is recyclable after you’re done.

Use a Recycled Toothbrush

We’re not saying to use a toothbrush that’s been used before, but there are many toothbrushes on the market made from post-consumer recycled materials or that can be recycled when no longer in use.

Avoid Microbeads

A few years ago, some toothpastes that contained small plastic microbeads were pulled from the shelves because the microbeads were clogging waterways. Some consumers may still have leftover tubes of this type of toothpaste. If you fall into this category, discard any unused toothpaste and switch to a different brand. If you need help selecting a new brand, speak to Dr. Simpson.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Regardless of how green you choose to live or what products you choose to use, the most important thing is caring for your oral health. So, make sure you are still flossing at least once a day and brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time.

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