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Five Ways to Lessen Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Pain

If you’re being treated for temporomandibular joint disorder, congratulations on taking the first steps to improving your health and well-being. Though you are under treatment, you may still experience some pain and stiffness in your temporomandibular joint and upper body, so it may not feel like much has changed. The good news is there are some techniques you can use to help ease the pain of temporomandibular joint disorder during treatment. Here are five techniques that may bring you some much-needed relief.


This Eastern medicine treatment uses tiny needles to stimulate areas of the body known as meridians. This alternative medicine treatment has been used for centuries in Asia and has been shown through numerous studies to effectively treat many common ailments. Combined with neuromuscular therapy, some patients have found noticeable relief in their TMJ disorder symptoms with acupuncture.

Physical Therapy

Many people don’t realize that physical therapy can be done on the jaw joints, but believe it or not, there are many exercises that can be done to help aid neuromuscular dentistry treatments. Physical therapy does not replace neuromuscular dentistry, but it complements it well when done regularly.


Massage is another treatment some patients are surprised works - but your jaw isn’t the only area of the body negatively affected by TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder can cause tension in the neck, shoulders, back and head. Massage therapy can help loosen the muscles and relieve some of that tension.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Some patients swear by chiropractic adjustment to help with their TMJ disorder pain, and recent studies have shown that this type of treatment is effective.


This goes hand in hand with physical therapy, but there are many exercises you can do on your own to help ease the pain and loosen the joints of your jaw. There are also many exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles affected by TMJ disorder.

To learn more about which of these treatment options may benefit your TMJ disorder, speak to your physician or Dr. Simpson - and remember, always consult a medical professional before beginning any treatment program, especially when you're dealing with TMJ disorder. Dr. Simpson’s office can be reached at 910-239-7164.

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