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Why Cosmetic Dentistry Isn’t Just Cosmetic

If you’ve ever considered getting veneers to improve the color and shape of your front teeth, you may be surprised to learn that not everyone is a good candidate for them. That’s because veneers are simply a covering for your teeth. If your teeth need more than just aesthetic work, or if there are conditions present in the mouth that would lower the success rate of your veneers, Dr. Simpson may advise you to put your aesthetic dentistry procedure on hold until corrections can be made.


What are some reasons I would not be a good fit for veneers?

When you come in for a cosmetic dentistry consultation at Dr. Simpson’s office, you won’t just get a cosmetic consultation, but a full dental evaluation, complete with a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder evaluation. Why? Because often when the teeth are in bad shape, there is an underlying cause such as TMJ disorder (or TMD). Patients who have TMD frequently grind their teeth, causing their teeth to become worn, pitted or broken over time. If these conditions are still present when the veneers are placed on the teeth, the veneers will not last long. They may crack, chip or fall off the teeth due to the pressure of the teeth grinding.  

Veneers are an investment, and we want you to be happy with that investment, but you won’t be happy if you have to keep paying to have your veneers replaced!

What happens if I am diagnosed with TMD or another problem?

If Dr. Simpson determines during your cosmetic evaluation that you could have a TMJ disorder or that you require braces, a bite guard or any other dental correction, she will help develop a treatment plan to address these issues. Once the underlying issues are corrected, the damage to your teeth should cease, and you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful smile without fear of damaging it again. Best of all, any discomfort caused by these problems will ease, and you’ll feel as good as you look!

How much work do I need?

Some patients believe that all they need to correct are the front six teeth, but in some cases, you may want to consider placing veneers on more than just those teeth. That’s because, depending on your smile, those six teeth may not be the only ones visible. So, for example, if you have eight teeth visible when you smile, whitening the first six might look great, but the remaining two may look drastically different from the rest. 

Whether you will need veneers on six or more teeth depends on your individual smile, but Dr. Simpson will do her best to help you achieve exactly the results you desire in a way that will protect your smile, and your investment.

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