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Healthy Lessons for Girl Scout Badges

Whether you’ve been a Girl Scout yourself or are lucky enough to be raising one, you’re probably already aware that there are ways to earn badges for almost everything under the sun. But while interests change with each passing generation, there are some badges that remain evergreen in both interest and importance. Girl Scouting can teach your daughter many valuable lessons about how to care for herself and her community. 

If you are looking for ways to teach your daughter more about excellent oral health and hygiene, check out these popular Girl Scout badges and some ideas about how to earn them!


The First Aid Badge

There are six levels of Girl Scouts: Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador. Each level has its own specific badges that can be earned, but there are several badges that can be re-earned at each level. One such badge is the First Aid badge. 

For younger scouts, lessons in first aid are more basic. Starting at the Daisy and Brownie level, you can teach girls about dialing 911 in an emergency; what information to know to tell the operator, such as the address of the emergency; and how to stay calm and describe the problem over the phone. Girl Scouts can also visit with a doctor or dentist and learn about what makes their job so important, and what they do in an emergency at their practice. Teach them how to prevent common injuries they might encounter in the world (such as the proper way to hold scissors or the safest way to turn on hot water), or help them assemble their very own first aid kits, going over how to use each item and why those items are important.

The Respect Myself and Others Badge

This badge helps your Daisy Scout earn the blue petal on her daisy badge. There are many lessons girls can participate in to earn the Respect Yourself and Others badge, including teaching girls to take turns speaking, the Girl Scout handshake, and saying please and thank you. You can also teach your  scout how to take care of herself at home, including washing her hands, choosing healthy snacks and properly brushing and flossing her teeth. You can even tour a local dental office or doctor's office to learn more about personal hygiene and how eating the right foods can keep the teeth and body healthy and strong.

The Staying Fit Badge

The Staying Fit badge is earned at the junior level. This badge aims to teach girls the importance of staying active and fueling the body to keep energy levels high. You can also teach your scout the importance of stress reduction through physical activities like yoga or deep breathing, and how caring for her whole body can impact her overall health and well-being. You can even teach her that by brushing her teeth, she can help reduce her risk of developing everything from colds to gum disease, heart disease and even some forms of cancer.

The Brownie Snack Badge

The Brownie Snack Badge teaches Girl Scouts how to choose and prepare healthy snacks for themselves and their families. Lessons for this badge include tips for how to tell if a snack is healthy, what ingredients are in a particular snack and which ingredients are good or bad for them. You can even discuss which snacks benefit different systems of the body, such as how cheese has calcium for strong teeth and bones, but fruit snacks contain lots of sugar and can stick to the teeth and attract cavity-causing bacteria.

The My Best Self Badge

The My Best Self badge is a Brownie-level badge that encourages scouts to get in tune with their health, such as what to do when they are feeling sick or if they are experiencing tooth pain or a headache. You can also talk about which snacks are healthiest and will leave you feeling your best after eating them. Girls can even learn how making small changes to the foods they eat can make a big impact on their health, such as swapping out a glass of sweetened juice or soda with water or milk.

Scouting isn’t just about selling cookies (but who doesn’t love cookies!) - it can teach your daughter many healthy habits she’ll use for the rest of her life.

To learn more healthy habits, or to schedule an appointment, give Dr. Simpson’s office a call at (910) 550-3959.

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