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12 October 2016
If you've ever received a troubling diagnosis at a dental exam, you've probably been told by a well-meaning friend or family member to "get a second opinion" before resigning yourself to whatever trea...
21 June 2018
 For some people, the pursuit of whiter teeth is just as frustrating as searching for the fountain of youth. Maybe that’s because studies have shown that discolored teeth can add years to your appeara...
14 October 2017
With overflowing buckets of Halloween candy hanging around the house for weeks, and the winter holidays on the way, there’s plenty of potential for aggravating your TMJ disorder by eating the wrong tr...
01 December 2016
Baby teeth. They’re the set of teeth that are meant to be lost. The set that if your child loses accidentally, you don’t panic over, or worry about saving or replacing. But did you know that in some c...
19 April 2018
 You’ve probably heard of the bone disease osteoporosis. In fact, the debilitating illness affects an estimated 3 million new people each year, most of them women over the age of 60. Osteoporosis...

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